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If you took the time to read across our home page you should already be aware of our values and our mission.

Maybe you’ve also sneaked into our portfolio to see who trusted us in the past.
But what is our musical story? Who are we from a musical perspective?
Ok here are the facts:

Yep, projects we worked on have won music and audio related awards like Cannes Lions Gold, OneShow, ADC, Clio Awards, Deutscher Filmpreis, Bambi, MAX Award…

…but since we are at the heart of the „real“ music industry we also worked with inspiring and amazing artists from A like Adel Tawil to B like Bela B. over L like Luciano to H like Helene Fischer to S like SDP to U like Udo Lindenberg to Z like Zoe Wees.

We also played live all over Europe in front of crowds of up to 70.000 people or blew up the hip club on record release shows.
You need real music from real people?
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We run one of the most successful music studios in Germany, The Boogie Park which has been used by great artists like Aha, Glashaus, Depeche Mode, Lil Kim, P Diddy, Schiller, Ich & Ich, Andreas Bourani and producers like Patrick Salmy, Ricardo Munoz, Alex Rethwisch, Andreas Herbig, Jem, Roland Spremberg and many many more.

Boogie Park has one of the best sounding control rooms in Germany and a great history in popular music. Oh and we also have the gear, for those interested in.

Our second home in Berlin Kreuzberg, is integrated in one of the hottest places to be The Riverside Studios where artists like Tobias Neumann, Pan-Pot, Parcels, Martin Eyerer, AnnenMayKantereit have their Berlin home, too.

Riverside is across the east side gallery right by the water, neighboring most of the music industry’s leaders.

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Chief Engineer
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Skill Berlin

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Film / Production

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Boogie Park


Fabrice Noel

Singer & Songwriter aus Berlin.

The Pinpricks

The Pinpricks deliver lustful punk and garage rock on their debut album "This Stuff Is Poison"! Mixing in indie and a touch of 80s wave, they offer rough heavy moments and catchy hooks that stick. Hailing from Kiel, Germany, this duo, formed in 2018, balances contemporary and timeless sounds. With three EPs released and over 100 shows played, including major festivals like Wacken Open Air, their international fan base continues to grow despite being self-organized.


SINJE's outstanding voice defies her young age, brimming with soul and depth that captivates listeners. Despite facing personal setbacks and health challenges, her music exudes a balance of lyrical depth and a joy for life. Through her "Stripped Billionaires" project, she reimagines world hits with her voice and minimal accompaniment, garnering tens of thousands of clicks on TikTok in no time.


2007 startete Daniel WIRTZ mit drei Songs auf MySpace und prägte damit einen 100% WIRTZ Stil. Durch Fan-Unterstützung und kreative Vermarktung erreichte er mit seinen Alben Chartplatzierungen und landete schließlich mit "Auf die Plätze, fertig, los" auf Platz 6.

Anny Celine Chandler

Singer/ Songwriter



Dundee duo KIMMIC is making waves across the UK with their unique, high-energy sound. After releasing their debut single on Polydor (Universal Music), they've gained traction with multiple plays on Radio 1, Capital Dance, and Kiss FM, even securing a Radio 1 hottest record. Dominating SoundCloud charts with UK and worldwide #1s in dance, their debut single "Never Miss a Beat" has amassed 20 million streams and earned acclaim as dance track of the year. Sampling from Kaiser Chiefs, they've crafted a party anthem with handclaps, bouncing keys, and a lean bassline. 2024 brings new music, starting with their second release "Party Girl" on Armada Music, along with several hard-hitting rave bangers throughout the year.


Rosbeh is an electronic artist based in Hamburg, Germany. His style combines pleasing piano lines to rich electronic fuelled soundscapes. The award-winning pianist has been putting out releases since 2017, truly honing in on his own unique sound. He’s known for his electrifying performance style that utilizes live piano improvisations on stage. His tracks act as the perfect soundtrack for a booming club or even a chilled night in.


BILBAO manages to wrap serious topics of a young generation in light indie pop melodies and turns big feelings into a wild mosh pit. This band than just another indie band. It's the echo of a generation that wants more, feels more, dares more.


With our publishing house Skill Music Publishing we constantly help new and established artists to connect with brands. For this we focus on artists with songs that sync. From Indie Pop acts like Bilbao over Garage Rock like The Pinpricks to HipHop to Off Pop. If you can see pictures while listening to your music, you might be the right artist for us.

We also offer our client the service to license songs from licensors all over the world. We work with every major publishing house and have a wide knowledge on legal terms, GEMA & Co and anything that comes with buying sync and master rights.

You need an all time classic from the 60s to be covered in a cyberpunk style? get in contact


Music & Culture are always connected to credibility and attitude.

The generation “Fridays for Future” has a different language then the carrier and performance focused Gen Z. A message and a political attitude are must-haves of new stars like Arlo Parks, Zoe Wees, Halsey or Childish Gambino.

For this we offer consultation and music supervision for your projects. AUDIO SUSTAINED also means to help brands find a sound that will sustain with their audience while sending the right message.

If you look for a sound identity that will resonate on all new technical devices and talk to your audience…get in contact!

UdoLindenberg Skill-Music-_-Musikproduktion-Hamburg-Berlin-Sprachaufnahme-Film-Musik-Postproduk Zoe_Wees_Gold_Patrick_Ric_-Skill-Music-_-Musikproduktion-Hamburg-Berlin-Sprachaufnahme-Film-Musik-Postproduktion-Komposition Riverside_Regie_Farbe_-Skill-Music-_-Musikproduktion-Hamburg-Berlin-Sprachaufnahme-Film-Musik-Postproduktion-Komposition U47_-Skill-Music-_-Musikproduktion-Hamburg-Berlin-Sprachaufnahme-Film-Musik-Postproduktion-Komposition