For every project we have successfully finished with you, we wanna give something back. So we will donate 3% of our net earning to one of the three projects below. To let our partners be a part of our journey we give you the opportunity to choose where you would like the money to go.

Once in a while we will introduce a new project with goals that are valuable to us. We will make sure that every organisation is transparent and true to our standarts.

»Protect our winters«

  • Fight climate change
  • Main emphasis is to protect the winter
  • Program for Co2 neutrality
  • Support of renewable energies

»UN world food programme«

  • Help those that suffer from hunger
  • Russias War makes it even worse
  • 811 million people go to bed hungry
  • Nutrition is the groundwork for peace

»The world sends us garbage, we send back music«

  • Organisation from Paraguay
  • Locals build instruments out of trash to
    support their environment with income
    from live gigs of their orchestra
  • Ambitioned teachers help the kids to get
    a perspective and see the world through gigs